"A good brand can only be built by consistent and constant engagement with its consumers."

Our core business policy is that we are lean as an organisation and we work on the philosophy of ‘Wireless; Paperless; Boundary less; People less’


We believe in smart office, though we meet our clients for introduction, business visit and major briefing, most of the time, we have our weekly meetings as digital meetings. Thus save a lot of time and commutation for us and our clients. And off course we met our clients more often for a drink.


We try to do our bit to save mother nature, We avoid printouts and take approvals for campaign & layouts on digital formats (We print only when it is necessary for proofing or board presentation) with regard to our finances, we only believe in digital banking.

Boundary less

We believe in the global village concept and take the brand activities across the globe, be it road show or exhibition or digital. We also are eager to service our clients in other parts of the globe. Sujith kept hopping from county to country many a times and has good global contacts.

People less

We believe in INTEGRATION model as this brings in more responsibility, transparency and over all huge cost saving for our clients without compromising on the quality, as our clients pay only for what they use. Further we get the best talent to do the best work.

Our core business ideology is to handle very limited brands, in order to nurture and grow the brand with our complete involvement, passion and dedication. Yes we don’t handle more than 4 brands. This idea comes from Parenting, less kids = more focus = more involvement and great result. Yes Sujith’s son became a National Champion at the age of 12.

Since we are focused on providing a holistic brand development, our services are only for a long term engagement as brand custodians through various brand integration.